@kolecosounds @djmarauder @mistaselecta @butchdawson play what u feel tomorrow... no rules just push.  If I ever told you anything about releasing music it’s still true. What I’m doing hasn’t been done before so it’s taking forever. Still dope that ppl are paying attention tho. Good lookin out. I appreciate it. : @photorobnyc  New dimensions this year. Full kit.  On the way back to DC with some fresh #dennerysegment ;)  Full kit.  🥁  selfie. : @raylienf  Ya’ll bout to see pictures of us in Africa for the next 3 weeks idc.  All jokes aside it was a life changing experience, and the dopest part is we got there just because we were being who we are. Stay  it makes life so much easier.  The future sang a song for us today... How lucky are we? @malikdopedrummer @themusicianship is doing amazing work. I’m honored to be involved.