🥁  New York I’m back. Eatin doubles makin triple with the og @izm1 come truuuu.  I been down with the sound for so long, and now I get to share space with the nrg that is @soulection Pull up to @velvetloungedc this Sunday and hope the beats i come up with make sense lol 🤞  Goin up for one of the greatest. Can’t wait.  Close Ties. Wild Days. @eatonworkshop Swipe right for tonight, and rest up for Saturday.  @18thstlounge tonight then @bigchiefdc tomorrow with some light vibes in between. Come find me if u down. I’m actually djing right now. Anyone know a good agent? I’d like to not have to do this while I’m djing.   Brilliant is relative and loud is love, so hurry up about taking your time cuz I’m just as lost as you are. @monglinh with the aim!  Proof of life.  1241 GOOD HOPE RD SE 5-8 PM WITH FOR THE FREESKI  : @monglinh  @officinadc 6PM @18thstlounge 11PM Don’t say I never said.